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About Haldız

Founded in 1979 in Sakarya initially as a construction company, Haldız Construction engaged in construction activities in Sakarya until the end of 80s. Then, the Company moved its activities to Kocaeli. In the course of time, the Company branched out into automotive and insurance activities as well to become Haldız Group of Companies. Today, construction activities undertaken by the Company are scattered all over Turkey. Having a strong financial structure and a sense of quality, the Company continuously raises its sights.

Putting ISO9001 Quality Management Systems, ISO14001 Environmental Management Systems, ISO45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems, and all other standards to be made a part of its corporate culture in the center of its management and production activities, the Company has a distinctive vision and understanding in this respect.

Haldız Construction ever-increasingly updates, improves, and expands its position in the industry by internalizing advancing technology, promoting R&D activities, adopting integrated quality management system, professionally conducting human resources policies within the scope of corporate and human values, and combining its construction culture and its broad experience.

Organization Chart
Our vision is to build quality and trust by means of existing, developing, and renewing values.

Our mission is to prioritize innovative, reliable, high-quality products and services in all fields of activity, fulfill our responsibilities to the humankind, to the environment, and to social values, be committed to customer satisfaction and rights as well as reliability in line with our objective of increasing our market share, and thus generate the most suitable solutions for our customers’ expectations.


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