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Building a New Life for Civilization: In an adventure full of exciting and happy moments, which we call “life”, the buildings that we create with our fellow workers for building a new civilization inspire us for new living projects.

The buildings constructed by the hand of man, who is capable of transforming natural environments into more beautiful and liveable environments, have developed in the course of time, turned into skyscrapers from primitive caves and highways from dusty pathways, and evolved both technically and aesthetically. In this context, constructors bring human development history and cultural evolution into the present and lead the way to the future.

The essence of Haldız’s sense of business is to offer a more comfortable, more modern, and safer living environment to humanity. Since its foundation, our Company has not diverted from this basic sense of business but undertaken numerous projects to enhance millions’ quality of life and fulfilled all of its commitments.

In construction business, the most significant factor is human. It is easy to choose the machine to use and the technology to employ. However, it is very difficult to find the right person who loves and respects his/her profession and commits himself/herself to his/her profession. That is why we believe the most important capital of our Company is Haldız family, which is composed of workers, engineers, and executives who are experienced, capable of renewing themselves, and prioritize team work.

Based on the principle that human is the most important resource, our Company grows steadily as a close-knit family without sacrificing righteousness and increases its technical competence and capacity with every new project. For us, there is no easy task. However, it depends on our managerial skills to make difficult and strenuous tasks easy and ensure development.

The basic policy of our Company is to become a competitive leader in the construction industry by prioritizing productiveness and quality in product and service production within the scope of ever-increasing quality production standards and competitive market economy conditions in line with rapidly-advancing technology in the world. To this end, it is of great importance to create a safe and healthy working environment for all our employees and protect the natural environment.

For the safety of our staff members working in our construction sites, all necessary measures are taken and the risk of probable occupational accidents is minimized. Besides, the basic principles of our Company include protecting the environment, preventing wastage in the use of materials and energy, and contributing to the national economy by means of recycling.

We use our best efforts to continuously measure and improve the quality of the service we offer in conformity with modern operational and managerial approaches and in line with our objectives. We attach great importance to and focus our attention on research and planning for increasing our Company’s economic power, using financial and human resources in the most efficient and effective manner in line with our objectives, becoming more active in an ever-growing and ever-changing business world, and being prepared for the future.

Our Company’s guarantees for the future are the knowledge and experience that our staff members have and our experience in project management. On the other hand, our machines and tools and equipment provide the advantage of making high-quality production by employing high technology.

Following the developments in the world closely, we shall continue to invest and grow, taking firm and cautious steps. As Haldız Construction, we owe all our employees, solution partners, and stakeholders a debt of gratitude.

We would like to thank everyone who has fearlessly pursued the “better” with us, skillfully confronted difficulties, and contributed to the current position of our Company. Hope to see “better” days ahead!




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